Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

CP Chief Whip Joseph Njovuyalema has dismissed reports that he is among MCP top officials who have resigned from the party.

Earlier reports reached this blog indicated  Njovuyalema, Beston Majoni and Chris Daza have resigned from MCP.

While sources in MCP have confirmed resignation of Chris Daza, Njovuyalema denied dumping the party

“I can’t leave MCP on my own. I need to first of consult my constituents to give me a go ahead to do so. So I am not leaving MCP. I am still here” said Njovuyalema.

The MCP Chief Whip however admitted there is a crisis in MCP which needs urgent solution.

He blamed people who have surrounded president of the party Dr. Chakwera for not giving him proper advice

“If its true that Daza has resigned from it means we are reducing our chances of getting back into government” he said.

Njovuyalema called on MCP leadership to put their house in order if the party is to get back into government.


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