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Lawyers representing former Justice minister, Ralph Kasambara, have told the High Court in Lilongwe that Kasambara’s health is deteriorating. Explaining to the court during a bail hearing on Wednesday, morning, Kasambara’s lawyers said that Doctors attending to the former Justice minister have recommended that he should see a specialist either at Mwaiwathu pvt clinic or in South Africa due to his failing health.

Kasambara’s lawyers disclosed that 2 doctors, prison and private one and a Mr Mazyopa have since recommended that the former Justice minister should see a specialist due to lapses to his heart and diabetes condition.

 In quest of their bail application, Kasmbara’s lawyers told presiding judge Esmie Chombo that as a prominent businessman their client would not jump bail.

The Lawyers also explained that news about his arrest had been circulating on the social media and other news outlets for a while before his arrest and yet their client remained in the country and never at any point contemplated of running away.

 However, the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Bruno Kalemba, insisted that the case in which the accused is answering is a complicated one that could take 30 or up to 90 days for investigations to be completed as such, Kasambara has the right to receive treatment from a medical specialist of his choice while in custody. Kasmbara’s bail hearing has been slated for November, 22.

It has also been learnt that Kasambara’s bail application was pushed to Mzuzu due to the fact that judges in Lilongwe were busy with other equally important matters.

Meanwhile, the former Justice minister’s bodyguard, Keston Gani, who is also being accused of the same attempt to murder case, has also been committed to the high court. Both Kasambara and his bodyguard are being accused of an attempt to murder budget director, Paul Mphwiyo that is contrary to section 233 of the penal code.


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