Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

The Catholic Church has taken the government to task over the current political and socio- economic injustices that have resulted in delays of donor funding.

The church has since urged Malawians to exercise what it described as ‘Holy Anger’ through demonstrations and demands for accountability from the country’s leadership.

Speaking to Journalists in Lilongwe, Catholic Commission for Peace and Justice’s National Secretary Chris Chisoni said enough is enough for the man-made suffering Malawians are going through as a result of massive theft at Capitol Hill, which has seen donors withholding over 150 million United States Dollars in budgetary support.


He says this freeze to budgetary support, will compromise quality of essential public services and impact negatively on poor Malawians. Chisoni says it is now high time for Malawians to wake up and amplify calls made by other stakeholders calling for a responsive government which has people’s interests at heart.


He has since described the current looting as an indication of lack of patriotism and moral decay by those in authority. Chisoni has also demanded for speedy prosecution of all those involved in the looting and recovery of the cash involved.


Meanwhile CCJP has demanded a comprehensive report from government on the reported purchase of maize from the proceeds of the sell of the Presidential jet. CCJP says people in the country continue facing hunger despite government claiming that it used Jet money to purchase the  staple food.



  1. darwin said:

    Indeed malawi is lacking leaders who care for the people. Our cabinet is a butch of zingawenga.How can deputy speaker posses zipolopolo 75, a shadow mp ndi a minister kubandi kufuna kupha. We need to come up with guidelines which will not allw such people to be mps

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