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As Malawi Media exposed the Billion of Kwachas going down the drain, most donors including the British got interested to know the root of this corruption.

The British, according to senior government officials launched their independent investigations to find out the whereabouts of Manondo.

“The British as one of Malawi’s main donors wanted to learn from Manondo how corruption was taking place in government. And from the look of things they thought Manondo could help them with vital information as to how corruption takes place in Malawi”, a senior government official said.

He said the British using their intelligence knew the whereabouts of Manondo and  got in touch with him.

The sources said the British and Manondo started interacting up to the extent that the British high commission in Malawi reportedly convinced Manondo to surrender himself at British High Commission in Nairobi Kenya.

“The Malawi British High Commission promised to protect Manondo from any harm and convinced him to surrender to Malawi authorities. At this time Manondo was also able to talk to some senior government officials in Malawi” expalained our sources.

Manondo was reportedly housed  by the British High Commission in Nairobi for three days as arrangements for repatriation were under way.

” He was then driven by road all the way from Nairobi Kenya through Tanzania up to Songwe border with the help of British High Commission. At Songwe border Manondo was advised to surrender” revealed our sources.

However before he surrendered our sources claimed Manondo spoke with some senior government officials seeking for protection.

“Manondo personally called (name withheld) seeking for maximum protection. He said he feared he would be killed if some people heard he was in the country. That is why he was given maximum protection”

“And government is deliberately keeping Manondo away from other suspects because he told government he needs maximum security. So just know that government is doing a lot to find the root of corruption in government” said the sources.

This blog managed to speak to government senior officials who were mentioned in the story. They both collaborated the story but did not want to be mentioned because the investigations are still continuing.

However we unable to talk to British High Commission to Malawi.

Manondo is a Prime suspect in the shooting of Mphwiyo and is currently being kept at Matchaya Prison in Kasungu.

Mphwiyo, the former budget director has arrived in the country on Thursday afternoon through Kamuzu International Airport automatically changing the direction of the shooting case.

“As government, we are excited that Mphwiyo is back in the country because he is a Prime Witness in his shooting” said a government official.



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