Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

ACB Director Resin Mzikamanda  has disclosed  that his organisation  has started profiling  properties and freezing  bank accounts  of  60  ccompanies  involved  in theft and fraud at   capital hill.

According to ACB director  this is part of assert recovery drive that the bureau is undertaken .  Over 81 companies  have so far been  involved  in the cash gate scam and that  investigations to almost  60 out  of  81 companies have been completed

Meanwhile  public accounts commetee has made a U-turn on its earlier decison  that it  would meet the budget director in camera.  The bureau decision by the committee could have meant  that the media could have not been allowed to attend  to the proceedings  and could have contradicted the parliamentary standing  orders which clearly  stipulets that all committee meetings of parliamentary are public events

It is expected that the the budget diredtor who is at the center of cashgate scam is expected to appear before the committee any any  day.

However the committee  has since suggested that ACB should recommend that all principal officers that their ministries are involved directly in the cash-gate should suspended according to the public finance  management act.


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