Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

Tanzania based ICT company, Soft -Tech  that was contracted to install the integrated  financial management system (IFMIS)says  the rooting  of public  money by some government officials was a well coordinated arrangement to steal the money in an organised way.
The companies director   Mernard Rwabutaza has told the public accounts committee of parliament  that there  is nothing wrong with the system that is working perfectly in more than four  countries  in the  SADC region.

He said it  is strange  to note that government officials were able  to share password  to the system which  he said can not happen anywhere as it can attract  criminal offence. He said it is only in malawi  where the system has been abused in such away .
According to the company’s observations on the cashgate  scam ,there was a compromise of strict controls  in the system  that led to the system  abuse. Senior staff  delegating  transaction authorization to juniors  and  payments  made to suppliers before  recieving of goods and services are among the observation the company  has come across

Rwabutaza has however suggested that in order to avoid reoccurence of the rooting ,government through the accountant general should appoint  a core team  to manage ,administer and support  IFMS  system with emphasis  on integrity  and professionalism .
He has however suggested that government government should institute , and enforce disciplinaly actions    for the system abuse and non compliance  to the financial procedures.


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