Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

Budget Director, Paul Mphwiyo will have to live with two bullets  in his body for the rest of his life. Mphwiyo told PAC that  doctorts could not remove  them bullets because  they  were in position where any slight mistake , puts his life  in danger . He  told PAC his right  jaw  has been reconstructed  with a metal. He said he is in pain and that  he had to take alot of pain  killers when he was preparing to meet them.

 While not disclosing names  of his life possible shooting culprits,  Mphwiyo said

on the fateful night,  he was coming  from a drinking joint popularly called  Africana.  He saw 5 people standing outside his gate and one of them was holding  gun and shot him five times in different places . As he was narreting his story Mphwiyo had to  shed tears while telling  the committee that he couldnt say anything further

Mphwiyo however urged Malawians to wait when he tells the court as a statewitnes .

While saying he has nothing to hide ,Mphwiyo said Malawians will know everything surrounding his shooting at the court.
Commenting on the rooting of public money,while desscribing it as a national tragedy, the budget director said government should take responsibility of the incident.


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