Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

As the year is coming to an end in a few hours time, let me thank you all my followers, my sources and my friends for being with me through out the year.

Without you I could not be recognized as the Blogger of the Year 2013 by the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA).


Let me thank the team of judges and my fellow journalists in Malawi who voted for me to be the best blogger. I felt honoured because it was the first time in the history of Malawi for a woman journalist to be awarded this lifetime achievement.

There are excellent bloggers whom I felt deserved the award, but I was humbled to receive the award.

To the American Embassy especially the Public Affairs Department, thank you for supporting the media in Malawi.

Let me also thank management and staff of Joy Radio FM for their understanding and support at times when the radio station had been targeted by Government and some institutions because of my blog.

It could not be easy for me if nobody was giving me advice and assistance.

To Benjamin Essau, Mkono, Alick Nyasulu, Daniel Grant Phiri, Innocent Mawaya, Coaster Manet Phiri, Vitima Mteka Mkandawire, Allan Ntata, Patseni Mauka, Billy Mayaya, Timothy Nundwe, Mercy Chaluma, Sylvester Namiwa, Nathan Majawa, Masamba Antony, Fazila Tembo, Suzgo Chitete, Mike Charles Banda, Patric Manja, Kondwani Noel Mtoza, Habiba Osman, Eunice Chipangula, Foster Fundi, Don Ray, Clement Magombo and Mr Facebook, President JOSHUA CHISA MBELE. Thank you for your support

Samuel Mwale, Barwani Msiska, Elick Msikiti, Linda Kachale, Naomi Banda, Mac Tembo, Priscilla Maere, my bro Ken Mtsuko, Flora Thomasi, Brenda Hara, Lisa Vintura, Justice Wazili, Levison Masamba, Russel Golden, Deejay Krano, Felix Kapalo, Patricia Kapulura, Eneless Nyale, Pato Phoya, Greyson Chapita, Dora Banda, Thoko Chikondi. Popanda inu bwezi ndili ndani.

Gilly Koroma, Hana Mtaza, Elizaberth Kwelepeta, Mr Gadabu, Jessy Chiuye you remain part of great family. Thank you for your understanding.

Pempho Andrew Kwizombe one of few men I have ever met who understand a woman to be a journalist, am always humbled by your encouragement. Thank you for standing by me.

To all my friends on Facebook who don’t care about what I post on my wall, to all friends who don’t want to associate with me on my wall but only inbox, Happy New Year. Looking forward to more interaction in the New Year.

To my Twitter followers, you have been great.

Malawi Voice, Nyasa times, Malawi Democrat and some news outlets, if you find some interesting news on my blog learn to attribute. Inenso ndimunthu. Maravi Post I like your attributions.

For pages and people that have been denting my reputation, my work, I could not have been here if not for your criticism. Looking forward to more criticisms in this election year, sindingasangalatse aliyense.

Looking forward to another award in 2014. Kukhala mzimayi sichifukwa he he he he

The award


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