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The Lilongwe High Court on Friday afternoon granted bail to former Justice Minister Ralph Kasambara.

The suspended Peoples Party official was released on a bail bond of MK10.5 million.

According to one of the defence lawyers, Wapona Kita, his client is free on several bail conditions including; MK500 thousand cash and 2 sureties of MK10 million each but not cash.

Kita disclosed that among the conditions, one Mr Kasambara has been encouraged to be a man of good behavior. The lawyer hinted that the Court’s ruling may have been as a result of a concern raised by the Director of Public Prosecution earlier on the same day that Kasambara should stop commenting on
his case through the media and social network.

In a related development, the same court has released on MK80 million bail bond Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Defence Jostler Njanje.

According to his lawyer, Njanje has been bonded at MK30 million non cash and other 2 sureties of MK25 million and full discloser of his personal assets.

The two, Kasambara and Njanje were arrested on Monday on money laundering charges.

Both suspects were not in court when their bail was being granted as they remained at Lilongwe Police Station where they were being held.


(PS)Njanje in black suit confiding with his lawyer


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