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British High Commissioner Comments on Financial Audit Report

The British High Commissioner to Malawi, Mr Michael Nevin has expressed Britain’s concern over the breath and depth of corruption findings in the Financial Audit Report, that was funded by the UK.

In a press release dated 28 February 2014, Mr Nevin said that as the report states, auditors and other investigators have not yet completed their work and that the investigations are still in progress so as to reveal the full extent of the scandal, identify all the beneficiaries and attempt to recover lost funds.

He said that revealing the names now would be premature and may jeopardize the investigations and also prejudice any current or future legal actions.

Nevin added that debate and action are encouraged on the 62 recommendations made in the report to stop a recurrence of the scandal in the future.


MRA to impound MULI’s national company buses

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) wants to impound six National Bus Company buses and two double-decker coach lines,remain on this blog for more information

Clouds over Kabwila’s Parliamentary candidature

This follows Malawi electoral commission dicision to disqualify Umodzi party president professor John Chisi from contesting in the  May 20 presidential election as he did not resign from his position at University of Malawi UNIMA.
If we go by the precidents Malawi congress party spokes person may also be disqualified if she did not resign from her position at University of Malawi.
A statement from the commission signed by its chairperson Maxon Mbendera declared 11 of the twelve presidential candidates that declared interest to contest in the poll last week.
The Commission has validated the candidacy of UDF’s Atupele  Muluzi, president Joyce Banda of PP, MCP’s Dr Lazarous Chakwera, Kamuzu Chiwambo of Petra and New labour party’s Friday Jumbe.Others are Davis Katsonga of chipani cha Pfuko, PPM’s Mark Katsonga Phiri, DPP’s Professor Peter Mutharika, George Mnesa of Mafunde, NASAF’s James Nyondo and  Abusa Helen Singh of UIP.SCHEDULE OF NAMES OF VALIDLY NOMINATED PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES1. People’s Party (PP)Dr Joyce Hilda Banda F Sosten Alfred Gwengwe M2.Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera M Richard Msowoya M3. People’s Transformation Party (PETRA) Kamuzu Walter ChibamboM White Millen Scander M4.New Labour Party (NLP) Friday Anderson Jumbe M Joseph Petro Kubwalo M5. Chipani Cha Pfuko (CCP) Aaron Davies Chester Katsonga M Godfrey Matenganya M6. Peoples Progressive Movement (PPM) Mark Katsonga Phiri MProf Jacob Fojamuheni Crossan Mbunge M7. United Democratic Front (UDF) Atupele Muluzi M Dr. Godfrey Moses Chapola M8. Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Prof. Peter Mutharika M Saulos Klaus Chilima M9. Malawi Forum for Unity and Development (MAFUNDE) George Nnesa M Sylvester Chabuka M10. National Salvation Front (NASAF) James Mbowe Nyondo M Ethel Peter Changa F11. United Independence Party (UIP) Abusa Helen Singh F Chrissy Ndhliwase Tembo

Highlights in the Forensic Audit Report

The Forensic Audit Report that is scheduled to be revealed in Parliament on March 18th, shows that there is overwhelming evidence that 61 companies involved in the Cashgate Scandal received cash from Government officials.

The report also shows that some documents that could have carried evidence to do with the scam have been completely destroyed.

According to the report made available to Joy Radio, auditors have failed to track down the last person who received billions of Kwachas from the companies that are involved.

The report also shows that Government officials who were at the centre of the scam shared the IFMIS password hence it was difficult for the auditors to track down the main culprit.

However, the report has indicated that the only hope that is there is to force the owners of the companies to reveal the last person who received such amounts of money.

It is also believed that most of the supporting documents for various payments that were made do not exist.

The forensic audit report shows that banks were part of the syndicate as it is evident that banks authorized the transactions of large amounts of payments without following any symmetric procedure in line with global money laundering laws.

However, there is a strong evidence that former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo was in one way or another involved in the allocations, especially funding to ministries, in which companies were lined up to get the cash on behalf of the main syndicate.

Malawi Government to Publish Forensic Audit Report Today

The much awaited Forensic Audit Report will be published any hour today. This blogger has learned from inside sources that Mr. Paul Mphwiyo certainly remains a main culprit and a central figure in the financial saga, according to findings in the report.

Forensic Audit Report Complete, to come out soon

Britain says the Forensic Audit Report is almost out but there are some technical procedures that need to be followed before it is finally released. A Press Statement from the British High Commissioner to Malawi, Michael Nevin, says the report is almost ready for release.

In the Forensic Audit press statement, released this aftenoon, Nevin has further stated that what is remaining for the report to come out is some procedures that the auditors need to go through as a standard practice. He has emphasized that the delay of the report will not affect the credibility on the audit report but has however pointed out that some specific detail of suspects’ transactions will remain confidential because of the prospect of legal action.

According to British envoy Malawi Government has promised to publish the final release of the report as received in its final form. He says his government will receive copies of the report from the auditors. According to Nevin government’s focus when the report is out should be on necessary actions in response to the report.

Enock Chihana tipped for a Second Vice President post

Plans are underway to appoint Enoch Chihana as Second Vice president.This decision by President Joyce Banda comes as there are misunderstandings with his Vice Khumbo Kachali following her appointment of a different running mate, signifying a vote of no confidence.

At a Press Conference held yesterday at Sanjika Palace, where President Banda unveiled her running mate for May 20, she mentioned Chakufwa Chihana several times referring to Enock Chihana.
But according to sources who have confided with this blogger, among them PP high ranking officials, there will be a mini Cabinet reshuffle and Chihana’s post will be announced. According to one source this is a deliberate move to appease Northerners after dumping Khumbo Kachali, who hails from the North.
Meanwhile, Khumbo Hastings Kachali’s latest Facebook status reads:
I would like to thank all Malawians for your good-will messages and especially people of Mzimba South West. Let me take this opportunity to inform fellow citizens that I will be addressing the nation in due course on the way forward on my political future. Thanks.

JB Likely to Settle for Gwengwe as Running Mate

Presidential candidate for the ruling People’s Party, HE Dr Joyce Banda is very likely to pick Hon. Sosten Gwengwe as her running mate for the upcoming Presidential election slated for May 20th 2014. These are possible names that are rumored to have been consulted by her to become her running mates; Sosten Gwengwe, Gospel Kazako, Mathews Chikaonda, Uladi Mussa, Khumbo Kachale, Chimunthu Banda, who is rumored to be at Chikoko Bay.

Reports that are circulating in the social media indicate that Hon. Sosten Gwengwe has just tendered in his resignation as Member of Parliament for Dedza Central in compliance with Section 80 Subsection 7 of the Republican Constitution.

Meanwhile, the incumbent’s Ceremony for the presentation of her election nomination papers is the only likely ceremony to be covered live on TV by the national broadcaster MBC, an entity that is run by Malawi’s tax payers’ money. Joyce Banda is expected to submit her nomination papers to Malawi Electoral Commission on Friday, 14 February 2014.

Chakwera Settles for Richard Msowoya

Malawi Congress Party torch bearer, Dr Lazarus Chakwera has settled for Richard Msowoya as his choice for running mate in the May Tripartite Elections.

Msowoya is expected to be unveiled any day , while the choice of number two comes from the Northern
region. This could be MCP’s strategy to garner some votes under the nose of People’s Party (PP) since Msowoya comes from Karonga, a PP stronghold.

The move could help MCP to get Northern region votes. Meanwhile, Gustave Kaliwo has been endorsed to be the party’s Secretary General replacing Christopher Daza, who ditched the party for a ministerial post in the PP government.

There were about two names that were proposed for the hot seat, Juliana Lunguzi and Gustave Kaliwo, but Kaliwo’s name attracted more votes.


Part of the letters muthalika presented at the American Embassy today

Part of the letters muthalika presented at the American Embassy today