Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

Plans are underway to appoint Enoch Chihana as Second Vice president.This decision by President Joyce Banda comes as there are misunderstandings with his Vice Khumbo Kachali following her appointment of a different running mate, signifying a vote of no confidence.

At a Press Conference held yesterday at Sanjika Palace, where President Banda unveiled her running mate for May 20, she mentioned Chakufwa Chihana several times referring to Enock Chihana.
But according to sources who have confided with this blogger, among them PP high ranking officials, there will be a mini Cabinet reshuffle and Chihana’s post will be announced. According to one source this is a deliberate move to appease Northerners after dumping Khumbo Kachali, who hails from the North.
Meanwhile, Khumbo Hastings Kachali’s latest Facebook status reads:
I would like to thank all Malawians for your good-will messages and especially people of Mzimba South West. Let me take this opportunity to inform fellow citizens that I will be addressing the nation in due course on the way forward on my political future. Thanks.

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