Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

The Forensic Audit Report that is scheduled to be revealed in Parliament on March 18th, shows that there is overwhelming evidence that 61 companies involved in the Cashgate Scandal received cash from Government officials.

The report also shows that some documents that could have carried evidence to do with the scam have been completely destroyed.

According to the report made available to Joy Radio, auditors have failed to track down the last person who received billions of Kwachas from the companies that are involved.

The report also shows that Government officials who were at the centre of the scam shared the IFMIS password hence it was difficult for the auditors to track down the main culprit.

However, the report has indicated that the only hope that is there is to force the owners of the companies to reveal the last person who received such amounts of money.

It is also believed that most of the supporting documents for various payments that were made do not exist.

The forensic audit report shows that banks were part of the syndicate as it is evident that banks authorized the transactions of large amounts of payments without following any symmetric procedure in line with global money laundering laws.

However, there is a strong evidence that former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo was in one way or another involved in the allocations, especially funding to ministries, in which companies were lined up to get the cash on behalf of the main syndicate.


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