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Reverend Saka of Kapita CCAP reading the letter

Reverend Saka of Kapita CCAP reading the letter

The Nkhoma Synod of CCAP has attacked the country’s Judiciary saying it has stopped to be independent and that it is one of the top institution that have remained stagnant since the country’s independence.

The Synod has said this in the letter read out in its congregation on Palm Sunday entitled “Renewal and Regeneration of our Nation: A Call for Church Responsibility.”

The letter signed by the Church’s Moderator Dr Chatha Msangayambe and its clerk Reverend Brian Kamwendo says for along time the Judiciary has been among the public institutions that were held in high esteem. According to the letter, the Judiciary has often been qualified as professional, independent and non-partisan.

However, in recent times this image is changing. The letter has cited political manipulation of the judiciary, bizarre injunction, grants of bails, delays and discontinuation of high profile cases, with subsequent loss of huge sums of money through compensations and outside court settlement, as making the judiciary stagnant.

The letter therefore has pointed out that lack of tangible outcomes in several commissions of enquiry is a waste of government resources.

“Since 1994 there have been numerous commissions of enquiry on different themes of Public interest but everything ends with submission and dissemination of the report”, says the letter.


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