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Court orders Anti-Corruption Bureau to submit businessperson Lutepo disclosures as lawyer Raphael Kasambara and Wapona Kita denies any business dealings with both Sithole and Lutepo, respectively.

Chief Resident Magistrate Patrick Chirwa in Lilongwe today has ordered the Anti Corruption Bureau to submit to his court before 7th May all interviews it conducted with Mr Osward Lutepo regarding the massive theft of government coffers at Capital Hill.

His call comes after defense lawyer Kalekeni Kaphale had asked the prosecution team through the court to disclose Lutepo’s interviews with the anti-graft body hence the magistrate court’s demand.

However, in their testimony, lawyers Ralphael Kasambala and Wapona Kita have denied any involvement in the 112 million Kwacha that was found with the Ministry of Environment Accounts Assistance Victor Sithole at
his house. Both Kasambara and Kita told the court that they had no business interest with Sithole and with businessperson Osward Lutepo who is now a government witness.

Lutepo implicated former Justice Minister Raphael Kasambara and lawyers Wapona Kita that they had forced him to sign court documents claiming that the 112 million Kwacha cash that was found in Victor Sithole’s possession belonged to him. The case has since been adjourned to the 9th of May, 2014.


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