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“It was last year when I was diagnosed with an unknown disease,” explained former Human Rights Activist Undule Mwakasungula yesterday during a program TODAY’S GUEST on Trans World Radio.

This is the first time in almost a year for the former director of Human Rights and Rehabilitation Centre, Mr Mwakasungula, to speak to the nation.

The once critical opponent of late Bingu wa Mutharika’s administration told the nation that he has completely retired from Human Rights activism and now he is a born again Christian after he made a choice of receiving Jesus Christ as his personal savior six months ago.

“Am aborn again Christian and at the sametime a church elder in my congregation,” said Mwakasungula.

Speaking to Victor Kaonga, Station Manager at Trans World Radio on a program around 5.30 to 6pm he said he became a born again Christian after he was healed from a strange disease that nearly took his life. Due to his sickness he could not work as he did before.

He recalls that on the death bed, he had plans to go for deliverance at Synagogue of All Nations (SCOAN) whose Oversear is Prophet TB Joshua. According to him his plans had surprised members of his family as it was the first time for them to hear him suggesting about going for prayers.
The decision had encouraged members of his family who had arranged for a pastor to pray for him.


Undule Mwalasungula’s turning point came when Pastor Elijah Chisi of True Worshipers International prayed for him.

According to him it was the pastor who came to his house, after God had spoken to him about his deliverance.

“I was healed instantly,” said Undule Mwakasungula, and the pastor told him a lot of revelations which among others was Satan wanted to take his life because he was a star; he has alot of enemies.

Unknown Sickness

He could not sleep as a normal person He was supposed to take pain killers for him to sleep, but after being prayed for he was healed.

According to Undule there is nobody that can heal, its only the name Jesus Christ. Undule explained that the devil wanted his life, he never knew he was under attack by demons, at first he thought it was a normal sickness, which it wasn’t.

He said the devil is real he is always living with usband his aim is to destroy people’s lives.

“Why have I been so fortunate to have God shine on me? It’s been tremendous; I am physically reborn and spiritually reborn and am just grateful for that.

He said at first he was just a church-goer that never took prayers seriously but after being prayed for he has come to a conclusion that God is there and He is always with us.

According to him life in Christ is not by chance and if he couldn’t give his life to Jesus probably he could not have survived from his sickness.

Undule’s advice for his friends and relatives is that they should get prepared spiritually. He could have loved that all his friends to be saved.

“Time for me to go to hell has passed, it’s time for me to go to Paradise, but I don’t want to go there alone but want my family and friends to go with me,” he said.

Undule, whose name means “GOD HELP ME” has however challenged that life in Christ is so sweet because someone can move mountains.

“When I was in the dark I was able to move mountains and why not move more mountains when am walking with Jesus.”

‘Satana analuza client’ were his last words at the end of the program.


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  1. Apostle Joseph Langa said:

    Job 33:14-30 (CEV)

    God speaks in different ways, and we don’t always recognize his voice. * Sometimes in the night, he uses terrifying dreams to give us warnings. God does this to make us turn from sin and pride and to protect us from being swept away to the world of the dead. Sometimes we are punished with a serious illness and aching joints. Merely the thought of our favorite food makes our stomachs sick, and we become so skinny that our bones stick out. We feel death and the grave taking us in their grip. One of a thousand angels then comes to our rescue by saying we are innocent. The angel shows kindness, commanding death to release us, because the price was paid. Our health is restored, we feel young again, and we ask God to accept us. Then we joyfully worship God, and we are rewarded because we are innocent. When that happens, we tell everyone, “I sinned and did wrong, but God forgave me and rescued me from death! Now I will see the light.” God gives each of us chance after chance to be saved from death and brought into the light that gives life.

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