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Forensic Auditors Handover Cashgate Report Findings

Government has finally released a report with names of alleged suspects in the multi-billion Kwacha #Cashgate scam.

The report was released yesterday by the minister of information, Hon Kondwani Nankhumwa in Lilongwe.

The report covers transactions and controls in the six month period 1 April 2013 – 30 September 2013 and identified 202 individuals who, either knowing or unknowingly, have been recipients of Government of Malawi funds. The total loss suffered by the Government has increased from MK 13,671,396,751 to MK 15,524,237,655.

The shameful report tells us how weak the government financial management system is in terms of internal controls. The report vindicates donors who say can not put money in Government systems until they are assured of Government improving control.

To Ministers of Information and Justice: Malawians are interested to see some appendices that are missing. Why are you withholding some names?

Most Malawians are of the view that the current administration must make sure the weaknesses of IFMIS are corrected and security tightened otherwise this is a call for demonstration. The level of collusion even the role of major banks in all this leaves a lot to be desired and is a shame to all banks that have been involved in the plunder of our taxes.

I wish we could use Sharia laws only to punish all senior government officials and politicians colluding with businesses and lawyers to steal from the poor people.

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