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Out spoken Congoma boss Voice Mhone says he is taking government to court for character assassination.

This comes against the background of the ministry of information press statement that has claimed that the CONGOMA Boss was involved in one of the country’s first ever frauds at the Ministry of Agriculture. It is alleged in a press statement that Mhone, through his company VOMA Investments solicited money from government coffers for services not delivered.

The statement also says Mhone through a syndicate saw to it that vouchers and Cheques were authorized and payments drawn from banks and approved for stationery supplied to the Ministry of Agriculture and the Department of research when in fact the goods were not supplied

The statement comes at a time when some civil society organisations are soliciting signatures in order to force president Joyce Banda to step down, suggesting that there should be an interim government until elections that are due in six months time.

The calls come after the cash gate scandal which has directly implicated President Joyce Banda as the mastermind of a looting syndicate.

Some civil society have also have publicly said that they have no confidence in the PP government.  Malawi is facing a lot of economic challenges due to recent looting and fraud at Capitol Hill.

In an interview, the Congoma boss said the statement released by the Ministry of Informationm was Character Assassination and has been doctored by newly appointed Director of Information Chikumbutso Mtumodzi.