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Vuwa Kaunda re-arrested, freed again

The high court that was seating in chambers this morning has granted bail to Nkhatabay central parliamentarian Vuwa Kaunda.
Vuwa who is among ten suspects answering treason charges.
Vuwa was re-arrested Saturday night as he was about to board a plane en route to Brussels where he intends to attend a summit.
High Court Judge Chifundo Kachale has freed Vuwa on conditions that were already given by judge Ivy Kamanga that he should be expected to be in the country within 10 day after completion of the summit.
How ever state lawyers this morning applied to the court to revoke the bail bond and that he should remain in custody as he defied bail ruling. The high court said the detention was illegal as he had valid documents. Documents in Vuwa’s possession show that the high court had allowed him to travel. Kaunda has  told this blogger that he is now proceeding with his trip.